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About Us

El Ferdaous Center est un centre de la langue aglaise en ligne.

El Ferdaous Center : est un centre qui offre des sessions d’anglais avec des professeurs qui maîtrisent la langue et ses composantes. Notre centre est établi pour aider les personnes qui souhaitent apprendre la langue pour plusieurs raisons et qui n’ont pas le temps de se rendre dans les centres locaux. Nous avons tous appris quelque chose de la pandémie de Covid-19. Nous aussi. E-learning facilite le processus d’apprentissage pour tout le monde. Vous pouvez apprendre en toute tranquillité depuis votre lieu de résidence, où que vous soyez et quand vous le souhaitez !


Notre objectif est de vous aider à apprendre l’anglais en fonction de vos préférences et de vous aider à améliorer votre niveau.


Nous vous assurons d’apprendre l’anglais dans les meilleures conditions et dans le temps qui vous convient le mieux.


Nous nous efforçons de vous aider quel que soit votre niveau.

Parmi nos enseignants

Meet Some of Our Teachers

English Teacher

A dedicated and passionate educator with a diverse background in education and training. Graduated from the Higher School of Education and Training. Committed to facilitating an engaging and inclusive learning environment, I am devoted to helping students learn by tailoring educational approaches to their individual needs, fostering curiosity, and instilling a lifelong love for acquiring knowledge.

English Teacher

A professional with a bachelor degree in English Studies with a good experience in online teaching.

English Teacher

Hello! I am Hadadi Chaimaa, an English teacher and graduate student with a Bachelor’s degree in teaching EFL who currently pursues a Master specialized in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching.I have improved my teaching skills in both online and face-to-face settings to create engaging learning opportunities for students to excel in English.

English Teacher

Hello everyone. I am Zainab Damouri. I am an English teacher at El Ferdaous Center. I Graduated from the Higher School of Education and Training. I have a good experience in online teaching.

English Teacher

Hello ! My name is Maryam.
I’m an enthusiastic English teacher who creates positive and interactive learning experience. With an educational Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s in Educational Technologies, my teaching philosophy revolves around making language learning engaging and accessible. I have a diverse background, having worked as a language instructor in both traditional and online settings. My approach combines traditional teaching methods with modern technology, to ensure lessons are not only informative but also enjoyable. I believe in fostering a supportive environment that encourages active participation and builds confidence. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, I’m here to make your English learning journey both effective and enjoyable.

English Teacher

An ENS-graduate with a BA in English didactics and a second year MA student of Applied linguistics and English Language Teaching. My passion for learning English and dedication to teaching it online and onsite these last three years have been attested to positively impact my students’ learning journey.

English Teacher

I’m Najma, a native English speaker who pursued
Communication Studies with a minor in Human Resources at Al
Akhawayn University in Ifrane. Since high school, I’ve been actively
involved in tutoring and teaching English to students, discovering a
genuine passion for the art of teaching. My journey reflects a dedication
to fostering language skills and communication beyond traditional
boundaries. I find joy in creating an engaging and supportive
environment for my students, where they not only learn English but also
develop a lasting enthusiasm for the language. With a dual focus on
communication and human resources, I’m driven by a desire to
contribute to both personal and professional growth through education.

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