Accredited by the UK Accreditation

Registered in Morocco and operates as an online training center has been officially accredited by UK Accreditation after having successfully met the stringent standards set for language centers.
Based on this accreditation and in collaboration with Open International University, we have set the following schemes of partnership:
1 – El Ferdaous Center will provide accredited training courses in modern languages, especially English.
2 – Upon the completion of online person trainings at El Ferdaous Center, qualified students/trainees, willing to get an international diploma in their specialty, have to take a test as a recognition of their skills and qualifications.
3 – All teaching qualifications (TEFL/TESOL) will be provided by Open International College
4 – El Ferdaous Center will be provided with a package of coursebooks related to all English Levels.
5 – Students at El Ferdaous Center willing to publish their research papers, Open International University will assist with having their works published by Lambert Publishing in Germany
Center Location: Morocco
Accreditation Issue Date: : November 09th, 2023 to December 30th, 2024